Presented on 2nd Stage at The Players Club of Swarthmore

Stage Manger -Kathy Reed
Lighting Design -Alan Stamford
Video Projection - Mick Loro
Production Manager - Bridget Dougherty

all proceeds for 8 the play went to the American Foundation for Equal Rights

Theodore B. Olson - Joe Lawless
David Boise - Eric Jarrell
Charles Cooper - Thomas Robert Irvin
Cheif Judge Vaughn R. Walker - Mary Grayson
Sandy Steir - Maria Jarrell
Kris Perry - Cathy Mostek
Jeff Zarrillo - Barry Kriebel
Paul Katami - Mike Raimondo
Elliot Perry - Sean McDermott
Spencer Perry - Ryan Stone
David Blankenhorn - Patrick Martin
Evan Wolfson - Mark Paikoff
Maggie Gallagher - Shanna Massad
Clerk - Linda Haentze
Broadcast Journalist - Sara Luciano
Dr. Nacy Cott - Leslie Miller
Dr. Ian Meyer - Ed Young
Ryan Kendall - Michael O'Connell
Dr. Gregory Herek - David Cashell
Dr. Gary Segura - Jack Murphy
Dr. William Tam - Animesh Karna

8 the play panel