Dave Ebersole


On January 2, 3, and 4th 2009 Players Club of Swarthmore produced an ambitious and successful staged reading of Tony Kushner's seminal epic Angels in America part 1 Millennium Approaches and Part 2 Perestroika. Part 1 was done on January 2nd, Part 2 on January 3rd, and on January 4th both parts were performed with a dinner between parts with the actors and audience.

Along with each scene fully staged and choreographed, musician Mick Loro created a soundtrack to the plays and performed it live every night during the play. Alan Stamford created a unique and intricate lighting design for the three performances.

This was in part a fundraiser for the The Angels of Mercy HIV ministry of Greater St. Matthew Baptist Church.


Jay Ronca: Prior Walter
Steve Pollack: Roy Cohn
Jennifer Summerfield: Harper Pitt
Chris Cherkis: Joe Pitt
Mike Raimondo: Louis Ironson
Rhonda Goldstein: Hannah Pitt
Edward J. Murray: Belize
Lizzy Dalton Negron: The Angel