"Dave Ebersole's direction engages immediately, effectively exploiting Gilman's Hitchcockian device, while crafting a performance that mines the script's latent humor only to escalate the tension further......Thankfully Ebersole diligently handles the thematic distraction, enabling the cast to make Gilman's arguments believeable extensions of their characters...In this disturbing production, boy gets girl after all." - Jim Rutter News of Delaware County

"Dave Ebersole's staging keeps the play moving." - Betty Lou Roselle

"....having so much of the action take place in such close proximity to the audience made it that much harder to distance oneself and think “this could never happen to me,” which made the play all the more frightening, which is exactly what it should be. " - Karen Suni Stage Magazine Online

Theresa Bedell - Jennifer Summerfield
Howard Siegel - Ed Gretz
Mercer Stevens - JP Timlin
Harriet - Dana Corvino
Les Kennkat - Ben Kendall
Madeleine Beck - Laura Cevallos
Tony Ross - Jim Hopper