Jeff and Melissa are part of the renowned McArthur family of religious zealots, infamous for taking their beliefs to the extreme by picketing at funerals with offensive signs and repellant parodies of pop songs, trying to spread their message “God Hates Fags” and “America Is Doomed” around the country, even all the way to the Supreme Court. But Jeff finds himself faced with a deep inner dilemma - how to come to terms with his sexuality. Suddenly his whole life is upended, as he tries to maintain his faith while his family turns him into an outcast. Will his sister, Melissa, who loves him dearly, be able to pull him back into the fold, or will she too realize that she is trapped in the dogma?

*A fictitious story based around the real Westboro Baptist Church and the Phelps family, this new play challenges the audience to see all sides of the issues at hand with humor, music, and drama.*

"Ebersole’s well-crafted play proves both funny and heartfelt. While mere mockery would please the Fringe crowd, The Church Bells All Were Broken goes beyond, succeeding in showing that everyone involved, no matter how horrible they seem, means well." - Mark Cofta, Broadstreet Review

"Dave Ebersole’s script is balanced and thoughtful, and it’s cathartic to hear the argument yelled back at the haters who so recently visited Philadelphia: “God is love!” - Dorie Byrne, Phindie

The Churchbells All Were Broken ran as a staged reading for three nights
July 12, 13, 14 2013 at The Stagecrafters Theater

Directed by Catherine Pappas

Jeff was played by Mark Grayson
Melissa was played by Pier Chiodo-Steo

The Chorus was played by Mariangela Savaedra, Elyse Brier, Brian Weiser, and Jim Broyles

Lighting was provided by Gilbert Todd
Sound was provided by Bill Bansbach

Churchbells cast